AngloThai Privacy Policy



AngloThai may, but is not limited to, collecting customer data in 2 major ways:

1. When the subject makes a reservation.

2. When the subject signs up to the newsletter form the AngloThai website.

The data collected is, in general, limited to the basic name, email address, phone number and postal address of the subject.

Other data relevant to the customer experience such as dietary information, special requests, workplace, names of colleagues etc may also be included, if offered by the customer.

Card payment details may be taken by phone in the case of large party bookings.




Data may be collected by AngloThai staff, particularly hosts and managers, during the course of the business’ operations. It remains under the protection of AngloThai’s data officer and ultimately the directors of AngloThai.




It will be collected, in general, by phone, email or website form. Additional notes made on individual guests or reservations may be added by AngloThai staff.

Contact and reservation data is stored on email accounts which are hosted on Google’s G-suite servers. They may be stored indefinitely.

Newsletter sign up details are stored on Mailchimp’s servers and may be stored indefinitely.




Data collected will be used, as we believe our customers would expect, to ensure that reservations are claimed by the people who made them, that customers have a positive experience, that deposits for large parties can be stored safely and that we can send out newsletters to those who enjoy them.




We do not share the data with any third parties unless requested to do so by the subject, or if required to do so for legal reasons, for example, as part of a criminal investigation. Data processing decisions are not made by automated systems. AngloThai upholds data subjects right to access, object, amend and erase data stored on them under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

We will be happy to answer any questions or requests. Please make enquiries regarding data protection and privacy by email to ‘The Data Officer’ at