Tongtong Ren, Peiran Gong & Jimmy Tassan Toffola

Peiran Gong and Tongtong Ren create food inspired, but not constrained, by the traditional Chinese cuisine they grew up with in the 1980s via Chinese Laundry. The duo have amassed a cult following around London for their various residencies and pop-up projects in the last years. Peiran and Tongtong cook from the heart with confidence seldom seen by other Chinese chefs.

Jimmy Tassan Toffola studied winemaking at the Agronomic School of Montpellier in the south of France. Since 2011, the Paris native has produced wine in Languedoc, Champagne, New South Wales, and Burgenland. In 2015 Jimmy started working in wine bars in London and Berlin, while launching his own wine import company – Kiffe My Wines – representing a new generation of French growers who make wines that are reflective of their personal beliefs in farming, winemaking and beyond.